A Piece of Twelve with the Cook in Mind..

Meet Chloe Reynolds, woodworker and apron wearer. Chloe has been teaching wood working for over eight years to packed classes in west Wales and showcases her work on her soon-to-be-launched website, A Piece of Twelve. Chloe caught the eye of Women in Food because many of her pieces are designed with food in mind..

“I like to make small things with purpose,” says Chloe speaking from her studio near Newport, Pembs, “And I enjoy working within the boundaries of functional items.

Inspired by memories of family meals enjoyed around a table laden with large, communal dishes, Chloe’s work speaks directly to the cook and the chef.

“My mum is a brilliant cook and went through catering college,” says Chloe who grew up in the Peak District, “She has had these same wooden salad spoons for over twenty years, and a Butcher’s Block chopping board that is just as old. I want my work to reflect that because I believe in making things with longevity and investing in things made to last.”

Where did the name for your business, A Piece of Twelve come from?

“The name came from the joy of making things and making them well. By working in small batches of 12 items, I can make small runs of different thing each month and really enjoy the creative process of making. It is important for me to maintain a balance between my own work and teaching, so this seems a good way of working.”

What type of things do you plan to make?

“I love to cook so I make things for cooking that fit naturally in the kitchen.  I plan to make batches of things such as spatulas, butter knives, serving spoons and maybe even some pastry brushes.”

What was the first thing that you made for A Piece of Twelve?

“The Butcher’s Block chopping board has been the first full run of twelve –and most have sold through Instagram.”

How do you market your work?                    

“Mainly through Instagram and by documenting what I’m doing. My website will be up and running soon. Word of mouth is also a real help.”

Women in woodworking.

“When I speak to women of older generations about learning woodworking, they tell me how they were ‘never allowed to do that.’ And whilst I am a female teacher in a generally male department, I am seeing a 50:50 gender split coming through in my students so things are changing.”

Basic kit to start?

“The key bits of kit are a chisel set, saw, square, a good sharp pencil, a few types of planes and a saw. You also need a tape measure, block plane, a solid work bench and a vice to hold your work. Plus a good axe and yes, a strong apron.”


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