Girls run. A conversation with chef Angela Hudson as she takes part in the #whywerun campaign

Bird Kitchen Clothing ambassador, chef Angela Hudson is one of 100 women running this Sunday in the Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon under the banner of Run Wales 100, launched to celebrate the rise in female runners.


For the first time in sixteen years since inauguration, there will be more female runners than men taking part in the race.


“Run Wales 100 is a great campaign,” says Angela, chef and single mum to five boys speaking as she travels by train from Cardigan to Cardiff  for the event, “It wants to encourage even more women to run and looks at the challenges we face.”


“We can’t let that stop us..”

Factors that deter women from running include childcare, confidence and safety, “Often the only time we can run is during the early hours of the day or late into the evening when it’s dark outside,” says Angela, “We need better lighting on our streets and community backed running clubs.”  Angela adds, “It’s very unnerving at times but we can’t let that stop us.”


“Often we feel guilty..”

Guilt also plays a part, “I think women often feel guilty about taking time out to run,” says Angela, “So it’s especially important that this year’s race is part of the #WhyWeRun project.  Most of us run to help our mental health and we’ve all got our own stories to tell.”


Angela began running from scratch, taking part in the ‘Couch to 5k’ challenge. Encouraged by her coach, Laura Winters at Cardigan Pool Running Club, Angela is now facing the ultimate challenge of running the UK’s second largest half marathon, this Sunday. “I hope to complete in around two and a half hours,” says Angela, “I’ve never run before and want to run for both my mental and physical health.”


Training has not been without challenges as Angela has a fibromyalgia condition, “I also have to deal with the physical pain from running and how tired my body felt,” says Angela, “It’s my desire to carry on running that’s pulled me through.”


Angela is raising sponsorship for the Cauda Equina charity and she adds, “I want to raise awareness for invisible illnesses.  Just because someone looks good on the outside doesn’t mean they are ok inside.”


“It’s your race..”

With advice for women who want to get involved, Angela says “Research local running groups and talk to other women. There are lots of us who want to run and we can help to motivate each other.”  Angela recommending starting with the Coach To 5K app, “Get out there, start slow and keep moving. Remember that it’s your race, your pace and any mile is always better than no mile!”



Here at Bird Kitchen Clothing, we’ll be cheerleading Angela all the way and wish her the very best for Sunday.

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